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Oriental Village and Langkawi Cable Car

After hiring a scooter for about $10 for the day, it was time for a trip to the Oriental Village and Cable Car.  As far as directions go, it is very easy to locate, as it’s one of the main tourist attractions on the island.  From either of the main beaches (Pentai Chenang or Pentai Tengah), just head back towards the airport, and keep going… Don’t turn off to the airport!  The trip (hopefully) takes less than 30 minutes.

The Oriental Village itself is not overly interesting, but has a few shops to keep people interested.  It also has a great food court for lunch where the food was cheap and tasted great.  There is also a place where you can hire a Segway, or go for an off-road Segway tour.  Not far from the Segway shop, is an off-road motorbike rental/tour company, which has fairly reasonable prices.  They also do abseiling  trips down one of the nearby waterfalls.  I definitely would have given this a go, but unfortunately didn’t have enough time.

The main attraction at the Oriental Village is definitely the Cable Car which gives a great view over the whole of Langkawi.

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