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Dive 12 – Spot G, Port Phillip Bay

An early start saw me down in Queenscliff about 7:30am.  I purchased some gloves this time before heading into the 10 degree water, as my hands were numb after the last effort.

We jumped in the water and descended quickly, only to find the surroundings very dark at 30m…

The dive was still a lot of fun and a great experience to dive in such cold water, with limited visibility, and decent current.

Towards the end of the dive, we came across a shark resting in a small opening, then on ascent we ran into a playful seal which crossed past directly in front of us a couple of times inquisitively!  Fast!

- Equipment -
Suit: 7mm with Hood, Gloves, Booties (Bit Cold)
Cylinder: 12.2L Steel
Weight: 10kg (OK, maybe 0.5-1kg more)
Weather: Overcast & Slight Breeze

- Air -
Start Pressure: 230bar
End Pressure: 40bar
Used: 190bar

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