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Dive 13 – Barwon Heads Bluff

This dive was really impressive, and completely different to most other dives I’ve done. There were barely any critters around, but the dive was mainly about the underwater landscape, and seeking out some remnants of the Earl of Charlemont.

The rock formations looked amazing, and were great fun to explore around. We also did end up finding some parts left over from the Earl of Charlemont, as can be seen in the pics below.

- Equipment -
Suit: 7mm with Hood, Gloves, Booties (Bit Cold)
Cylinder: 12.2L Steel
Weight: 10kg (OK, maybe 1kg more)
Weather: Sunny with nearly no wind.

- Air -
Start Pressure: 220bar
End Pressure: 20bar
Used: 200bar


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